Trade Other Peoples Money not Yours

Trade Others Peoples Money

There are several groups of investors who allow anyone who can qualify to Trade Others Peoples Money and keep 80% of the profits. I like LEELOO the best because they have less rules that can cause you to lose your trading account with them, unlike most of the other funding investment groups.

FTA Offers 100% Financing

We offer 100% financing to help get you started to learn to day trade other people’s money and have your own “Work from Home Business”. We have Financing available, (Interest Free if paid off in 6 months), using PayPal Credit at checkout. We offer a complete course teaching you to trade the S&P 500 E-Mini Future Contract to learn a new occupation. We also offer a free one month LEELOO Practice account and a 50% discount to sign up for a LEELOO evaluation account. Check out our YouTube videos of trades we have taken: and come visit our website to learn more:

What Advantages Are in Trading Other Peoples Money

When you are trader funded with other people’s money you automatically give 20% of the profits to them, how can that be an advantage? Trading is stressful if you are losing your own money or over exhilarating if you are winning and making money, both ways can cause mistakes. LEELOO is willing to take that risk and they have the finances to back you and let you eliminate the stress of losing money. Your only risk with LEELOO is if you have to start over and qualify again paying the fee for the qualifying account again.

Open Your Own Trading Account with Other Peoples Money

Once you have qualified for the live LEELOO trading account, reached a certain profit after the first month, you can begin to withdraw some of your profits and take a portion of those profits and open your own Live Trading Account. After you qualify, LEELOO currently charges an $88 a month fee to cover the data feed and their other maintenance cost for your LEELOO real money trading account. Future Traders Academy offers a Duplicate Trading tool that can duplicate your trades from the LEELOO account into your own account. Check out LEELOO welcome page for more information:

Why Choose Us?

excellent customer service

  • Our entries are with Custom Made Indicators and Rule Bound
  • We offer help to keep you mentally geared toward your goals
  • We have 8 different trade entry setups in our Training Course.
  • We trade “with the trend” and have custom indicators and custom settings to help you know what direction is “with the trend”
  • We use a small 12 tick stop loss on every trade.
  • When you complete the Futures Trading Course, you have Member Only  access to our Monthly Trades we took with detailed trade review.  


Excellent Customer Support!

We desire for you to be a satisfied customer. Please fill out this form and send us any questions you may have and we can get you started on the right track to begin your carrier in day trading Futures. 

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