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And our continuing Journey Trading Futures

Debbie Weatherred - CMO
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David Weatherred — Founder & CEO and Instructor

Our Story

We began day trading Stocks back in 2005 when we saw a TV commercial about day trading with WizeTrade Software where you buy on the green light and sell on the red light. The TV commercial made it look very easy. But it was a total failure causing us to lose $25,000.
I met some other WizeTrade users who had similar bad results. Fortunately, they encouraged me to continue to learn trading and introduced me to other trading systems where I leaned about Trade Station, MT4 Forex Systems and many other trading methods.
Over the years, I learned to write code and develop many Indicators, Custom Price Bars and Auto Trading Robots. All that I have learned has evolved into the current Futures Trading Method trading Channels that use my Custom Indicators.
In the Futures Training Course, I teach you how to trade consistently using our indicators.

With our trading method, we use a 12-tick stop loss by combining optimized Channel entries and the Nine Custom Indicators listed below.  Together, these show us where to make trade entries.

Check Out Our Indicators

I am the creator of the Master Money Bot; https://mastermoneybot.com.

Master Money Bot

We have the Master Money Bot for NinjaTrader 8 and it helps you to know your lot size you should be trading. Watch the video here to see how it works https://mastermoneybot.com

Half Day FIbo

I had a dream about this indicator and it has been a wonder indicator to help me to know direction. Please Click here to read more  https://mastermoneybot.com/ninjatrader-half-day-fibonacci/

Pivotal Fibonacci Zones

These zones that are plotted on your chart and used for three different purposes. Please Click here to read more  https://mastermoneybot.com/ninjatrader-pivotal-fibonacci-zones/

Accu Daily Fibo Plotter

plots the High and Low of the previous day and draws the Fibonacci Lines between the high and low and extended above and below the high and low. Please Click here to read more  https://mastermoneybot.com/ninjatrader-accurate-daily-fibo-plotter/
Click the images above to see a larger image in a Lightbox.

All of the below custom indicators are included with the Future Traders Training Course. The 1st five indicators with links are available for purchase on the Master Money Bot website. The other 4 indicators are only available exclusively with the purchase of our Training courses. 

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