FAQ; Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Once you purchase the Future Traders Training Course you have Lifetime Access to all courses, indicators and updates
  2. We are including the 9 Custom Made Indicators Listed on our about page for 1 computer Attached to your  your Machine ID.
  3. The Complete Training Course to Learn our method. 
  4. Access to our Monthly Trades we took.
  5. Access to our Members Support Forum and Members News Letter.

You will learn:

  1. correct way to draw channels and how to draw channel extensions using the NinjaTrader Drawing Tools.
  2. How we use our custom indicators and custom settings to know when to trade and when to not trade.
  3. Custom Trading Rules we use to enter and exit our trades.
  4. Best Times to trade the Futures Markets.
  5. How to access the news and what news you should pay closer attention to. 
  6. How to recognize a trending market and a sideways market. 
  7. You will have access to our trades videos we took to learn how the trading method works in real time.

All of our Contact information is listed here https://ftacad.com/index.php/contact

The course is in two parts and can be done at your own speed. The first part of the course requires 3 days to complete during which time you can decided if you wish to continue or ask for your 3 day money back guarantee.  The 2nd course should take 1 to 6 weeks to complete. You can use a Simulated Data Feed for testing what you are learning on the Ninjatrader Platform. After you finish the course you can then begin Simulated Trading. We suggest you take your time Simulator Trading and make sure you learned the Course methods. You can review the course at any time.  There is no time limit on completing the course so you can take as long as you need and come back at any time to work on the course or any new material we may upload

There are no other expenses or hidden costs. Once you purchase the course you have a lifetime membership to Future Traders Academy and all courses or updates. 

Yes, you have Three days to cancel. If for some reason in the three days you decide this isn’t for you we will give you a full refund. We welcome phone calls and emails to help you with all your questions and decisions. 

Why Choose Us?

excellent customer service

  • 3-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Our entries are Custom Channel Location Oriented and Rule Bound
  • We offer help to keep you mentally geared to toward your goals
  • Our Futures Trading Course from start to finish walks you through the process to learn how to day trade futures.
  • Our Trading System does not have a lot of trade entries per day but the trades are at major swing points on our Custom Drawn Channels.
  • We trade with the trend and have custom indicators and custom settings to help you know what direction is with the trend and where to get in the trade using a 12 tick stop loss on every trade.
  • When you complete the Futures Trading Course, you have access to our Monthly Trades we took to see this trading method on a live review. After you have successfully Sim Traded, to your satisfaction, you can begin trading your own Account. We suggest your start your live trading account trading the MES which is 1/10 the size of the ES eMini account. 

Excellent Customer Support!

We desire for you to be a satisfied customer. Why not fill out this form and send us any questions you may have and we can get you started on the right track to begin your carrier in day trading Futures.

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