Daily Trade Journal

Daily Trade Journal

Daily Trade Entries

Everyday are posted the trades we take in a members only Monthly Trade Setups area. Below is a sample of the notes on today’s trade entries.

Why Write a Trade Journal?

There are many good reasons to write trade journals. The main reason I write the journal is to help me remember my trade setups and trade entry rules. The 2nd reason is to help Future Traders subscribers in making the correct entries.

Trade Journal for 02/17/2022

Chart Setup is the same as yesterday.

1st cloud channel trade made both targets.

There was two trades in the trade entry above ; one right after the other. I missed the 2nd one, a trade right after an exit is sometimes hard to see after watching the charts to exit the previous trade the next entry seems like a long ways off. There was also 2 channels. I circled the low anchor points in orange in the 1st image below. In the 2nd image below the 1st trade all the check boxes could be checked, the 2nd image only the Channel Trade check boxes could be checked.

Why Choose Us?

excellent customer service

  • Our entries are with Custom Made Indicators and Rule Bound
  • We offer help to keep you mentally geared toward your goals
  • We have 8 different trade entry setups in our Training Course.
  • We trade “with the trend” and have custom indicators and custom settings to help you know what direction is “with the trend”
  • We use a small 12 tick stop loss on every trade.
  • When you complete the Futures Trading Course, you have Member Only  access to our Monthly Trades we took with detailed trade review.  


Excellent Customer Support!

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