FTA Day Trading Course


The cost of the FTA Day Trading Course is $2,590.00 annual renewal. (You will need an account with NinjaTrader to purchase their $4 a month CME Futures Data Feed to learn this course and practice. There are other options to purchase the CME Futures Data feed but they are more expensive. For more information please check out our free course on Installing NinjaTrader https://ftacad.com/applying-for-ninjatrader-8)

  1. Annual License to all Courses and Future Courses
  2. Annual License to all Custom Indicators and Free Updates
  3. Annual Member Only Access to Daily Trades we take and notes about those trades. (over a year of daily trade history)
  4. A 50% Discount Coupon for LEELOO Trader Funding Evaluation Course

Financing Available Interest Free if Loan Paid Off in 6 Months

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