Futures Traders Training Course

Key Concepts Discussed in this Course

Instructor - David Weatherred

Professional Trader

  • 3 Day Money Back  Guarantee
  • No experience is necessary
  • 1st 3 days Learn about our Indicators
  • 4th Day begin the course

Course Description

We teach you how to safely trade the  S&P Futures and how to maximize your profits. We take only high probability trades with a very small stop loss. 

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Dream Course?

If you are looking for a Course for a new Career what would your dream be for a Career Course? Possible Unlimited Income? Stay at home? Support Group? You might find you’re dreams come to life here with our Futures Day Trading Course.

Course Details

Course Duration

Approx. 2 - 6 weeks

Course Price

$ 5,995.00

Evaluation Duration

3 Days

Course Description

You spend the first three days installing our indicators and learning how they work. The 4th day begin the course. Once you complete the Course (2-6 weeks) Then you have access to our monthly recorded trade setups and you can begin Simulator Trading and practicing your new Carrier in Day Trading Futures.

What is Included in the Course Lessons

In this course are many lessons that will take you probably more than a week to complete. You must complete each lesson and answer the quiz correctly to move on to the next lesson. The first three days of Lessons is about setting up your charts with our indicators and design. If you complete these on the 4th day you can begin the actual trading course learning how to trade.

What Indicators are Included

We include All of our nine custom made indicators; five from the Master Money Bot Website and 4 which are exclusively only available on the Futures Trading Course. The Master Money Bot indicators can be viewed by clicking here or on the links below.

    • FTA Chart Notes
    • FTA StochRSI
    • FTA Color the Plot Setup
    • FTA Distance Measure

Key Features

Why You should buy the Course

  • Work from home and learn a new Career learning to Day Trade futures.
  • Learn, Mature and Trade Live
  • Members Support Group and Forum
  • Once you are proficient at Simulated trading with confidence and good results; you can begin to trade a Live small MES trading account 1/10 the size of the eMini ES account. As you build the account you gain confidence, helping you sociologically to be a better trader working towards a larger account. Once you begin to trade the ES, you continue to copy your trades to your ES account giving you control over additional stress as that account grows and you are trading larger lot sizes. 
  • When you increase the Account Size our Master Money Bot helps you to increase the Lot Size and exponentially increase your account size using your own risk management settings, or helps you preserve your account also suggesting lower lot sizes. 

Why You should Copy Trades

  • We use our Trade Limit Order Duplicator to copy trades from the ES to the MES. The ES is more accurate since  the institutions trade ES. 
  • With the Simulated ES accuracy, you can have a tighter stop loss.
  • You size is always 2 Lots on Duplicator.

Become a Successful Futures Day Trader
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We help each student with end of Day Trade Images and ongoing mentoring and tutoring while they are learning the Futures Training Course

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